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The existence of the attorney at law , who is working for codification of the legal work in sport establishments and facilities, becomes an inevitable reality imposed by the development that accompanies the work in this field after the change of the view that accompanies the work in the sport establishments saying that it is a just a tool of amusement, whereas the sport is shifted into an investment to which many businessmen resorted after codification of professionalism and enacting of laws that organize this investment . This development formed a challenge for us to enter the sport field for transferring our legal experience to the sports men .

Our accumulated legal experience and the need for existence of offices specialized in sports laws- same as other countries of the world- urged us to establish a branch specialized in national and international sports laws whereas we handled many cases before the Discipline Committee of the Saudi Sports Association and the Saudi Disputes Settlement Room. The cases are diversified including cases between players and clubs relating to professional contracts or cases between sport establishments and clubs or cases filed versus the Saudi Arabia Sports Association related to financial or election rights. Also, we participated in uplifting the sports awareness by presentation of sport legal opinions and thesis via the various visual and readable media .

We are looking for forward that each sport establishment shall have a professional legal administration that manages and organizes its legal work that cope with sports and investment laws as the sports became an investment for many businessmen who need the legal frameworking for all his investment and commercial works and also publishing the culture of governance of sports establishments and clubs and minimization of losses resulting from cases of compensation that are filed against the clubs and also to avoid the incurred heavy fines and also to make them avoid the complications of the contracts of professionalism and its related legal problems whereas this matter requires the existence of the professional attorney at law for coping with continuous updating in national, regional and international professionalism laws and regulations.

The Experiences

The legal work in this field permitted us to acquire lot of accumulated experiences that we utilized in serving our clients as it was an aid for them in avoiding the legal risks. The challenge began with my contracting with Al Ettifaq Sports Club as a legal advisor for the club in which we handled all legal aspects relating to the club and legally appearing on its behalf before the Professionalism Committee - before formation of specialized Committee in the Saudi Sports Association – in cases of the dues of the club for moving of one of his players to another club that ended in favor of the club and also I was able to make the club avoid many legal risks.

Then such challenge developed by presenting my papers for nomination to the membership of Al Ettifaq Sports Club in the year 2007 whereas I got the confidence of the General Assembly after my legal participation as a legal adviser for the club.

After I got the confidence of the General Assembly by winning the membership of the Club I handled the responsibility of Professionalism Administration in the Club deemed as the Administration that faces the legal challenges in the club and it is responsible for renewal of the contracts of the players and following up the progress of the professionalism systems in the club whereas I, and the board of directors, participated in making the club avoiding lot of legal obstacles in contracts of the professionals and I was able to establish a methodology compatible with national and international laws related to professionalism and challenges of its contracts.

After that came the quality shift in my sports progress by issuance of the decision of His Royal Highness the Prince Sultan Bin Fahad Bin Abdul Aziz the General President of Youth Welfare appointing me as a member in the Appeal Committee of the Saudi Arabian Football Association in its first formation .

I, and my colleagues in the committee , participated in putting the first brick for the legal rules of the Saudi Arabia Football Association including the rule of discipline and rule of professionalism and disputes settlement committee and other rules that organize the sport activities in Saudi Arabia. Also, I participated in the holding of educational workshops of the rules and regulations of FIFA and AFC and also I effectively participated in minimizing the risks resulting from the cases filed versus the Saudi Association and clubs before the international sport judicial committees as the nature of the judicial work in the committee for considering the claims an appellate manner permitted us to acquire another dimension in the sport judicial work.

Then came the practical progress for handling the sport cases and pleading before all judicial committees and boards inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia such as disputes settlement committee and the Saudi Sports Arbitration Center and Discipline Committee and also pleading before the International Judicial Committees as , by grace of God, we achieved the legal successes in cases that we handled of all kinds whether we were representatives for the clubs or the players or other employees in the sport field.

Our Services

We are pleased to present the following services:

Checking the professional players contracts.

Applications of Players Transfer Rule.

Objection of the decisions of the sport associations committees ( local- regional- international).

Checking and drafting the investments contracts of sports clubs.


Sports Arbitration Bodies:

- Saudi Sport Arbitration Center

- Bahrain Sports Arbitration Commission

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