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The geographical nearness between Saudi Arabia and Kingdom of Bahrain has big effect in abundance of commercial works between the two countries . Furthermore, King Fahad Causeway , connecting the two States , constitutes a basic pillar in such nearness and accordingly participated in easiness of transport and makes its cost less . This matter encourages the businessmen and investors to establish the joint ventures in the two countries and to link them with each other and as such making the need for existence of a joint Law Firm between the two countries a urgent matter for the investors for connecting the joint legal businesses and minimizing the risk and cost of the legal service. Also, it added the easiness of movement and residence of the citizens of the two countries in them and so it makes the need of such citizen for existence of joint law office a urgent matter for handling their legal works in various fields , in addition to the existence of governmental corporations and establishments , that are joint between the two countries that assimilate the citizens of the two countries. All these elements formed a motivation for us for establishing of Bahrain Office Branch which is deemed as an important stream for our office in Saudi Arabia .

Our Services

Companies Services

Our office presented many work papers and workshops related to the trade and investment in many international economic trading forums through which identified the ambitions of Gulf commercial establishments and businessmen for international investment and the obstacles and difficulties that face them. We participated in many relationships of commercial partnerships through our role as legal consultants on extent of more than ten years for the Union of Gulf Cooperation Council Chambers of Commerce . This matters positively reflected on our practical and scientific experiences. We have pleasure to render the following services to our clients :

  • Provision of legal opinion in respect of selection of legal entities.
  • Incorporation and registration of commercial companies.
  • Registration of foreign companies and preparation of their contracts
  • Establishing of branches of foreign companies
  • Reorganization of companies, amalgamation and acquisition
  • Preparation and drafting of legal documents relating to the business activity
  • Drafting the resolutions of the boards of directors and representation in them
  • Drafting, reviewing and checking the contracts and memorandums of understanding.
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    Financial Commercial Services

    Our Office rendered an integrated legal services to the financial companies and institutions working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Kingdom of Bahrain whereas in such legal services we observed the requirements and needs of those financial companies and establishments. Moreover, our work as legal consultants for many financial establishments permitted us to acquire an accumulated experience which we supported by our scientific experiences that we enhanced by practical experiment. So we have pleasure to render the following services to our clients :

  • Commercial Arbitration
  • Registration of Trade Marks
  • Registration of patents and intellectual property
  • Commercial agencies, Commercial franchise contracts and commercial distribution contracts.
  • Commercial loans, drafting of their agreements and preparation of their documents.
  • External trade transactions ( import- export)
  • Franchise contracts
  • Privatization contracts
  • Preparation and checking of commercial contracts
  • Preparation and checking of various financing formulations
  • Preparation and checking of contracts of warranties and guarantees
  • Preparation and checking of investment portfolios contracts
  • Preparation and checking of utilization deeds contracts
  • Financing and investment consultations and evaluation and marketing of investment opportunities
  • Settlement of negotiable instruments disputes and representation before Executive Bodies
  • Settlement of banking disputes
  • National and international commercial arbitration
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    International Trade Services

    Our Office has the necessary practical and scientific experience that qualifies it for attracting the attention of its clients to the risks and challenges that face the governmental and private companies in relation to the international trade through its provision with the laws and rules of International Trade Organization and mechanism of its work and the judicial tribunals emerged from it and also evaluation of international trade agreements and contracts of multinational companies. So in this respect we have pleasure to render the following services to our clients :

  • Rendering of legal opinion in respect of updating and drafting the laws concerning the trade and investment in GCC States
  • Preparation of the necessary reports for meetings related to the World Trade Organization (WTO)
  • Preparation of periodic reports on most important activities of the World Trade Organization related to economic interests of the GCC States
  • Negotiational status related to internal trade in the World Trade Organization
  • Checking the reports of commercial policies for the countries that are members in the WTR.
  • Provision of technical support in cases related to commercial processes .
  • تقديم الراي الاستشاري والقانوني فيما يتعلق بالنزاعات الدولية في مجال التجارة الدولية بين الدول الأعضاء

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    Services in Medical Field

    Through our extended relationship with the biggest companies working in the medical field, we were able to find a legal methodology in medical dealings through which we worked to upgrade the level of performance and minimize the losses resulting from non perfect implementation of the medical laws and regulations as such matter realized the satisfaction of the client and beneficiary So we have pleasure to render the following services to our clients

  • Implementations of Private Health Pleadings Regulations
  • Legal pleading before Private Health Establishments Violations Committees
  • Representation of third parties before Health Affairs
  • Legal appearance before the Legal Health Authority
  • Determination of occupational responsibility for medical practitioner ( civil- penal-disciplinary ) .

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    Services of litigation & representation of third parties

    Our Office, since its establishing in (2001), is continuously rendering the services of litigation on behalf of third parties . It handled many lawsuits before all courts of various degrees and kinds in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in addition to semi judicial committees of different names and degrees . Also, it handled the litigation before all Bahraini Courts of various degrees and kinds in addition to disputes settlement rooms in Bahrain as it was licensed for litigation and legal pleading before the Court of Cassation

  • Judicial receiverships
  • Representation of third parties before Judicial Bodies in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Kingdom of Bahrain including the Administrative Courts, Islamic Sharia Courts ,Tax Objection Committees of various degrees, Labor Disputes Settlement Committees of various degrees, Banking Dispute Settlement Committee, Customs Committees of various degrees , Capital Market Authority and Arbitration .

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    Associations, Societies and Organizations

    Our Office prepared many basic laws and articles of association of private and charitable societies and committees and their relevant by laws. Also, it participated in introducing of laws and regulations of private and volunteer organizations as it worked for drafting the rules and regulations of such organizations as compatible with regulations and laws in force in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. We render the following services :

  • Drafting and checking of basic laws for private societies and organizations
  • Drafting and checking of articles of association of private societies and organizations
  • Registration of private societies and organizations
  • Drafting the decisions of board of directors.
  • Decisions of board of trustees.
  • Pleading on behalf of these societies before all judicial tribunals.

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    Community service

    For purpose of rendering the legal assistance to the ones who need it , our Office handled many lawsuits without charging any fees on basis of community service. These includes cases that were deemed as cases of public opinion whereas our Office succeeded in winning those cases through realization of rightness and redress of damage. Moreover, the office succeeded in taking big steps in this direction by signing the first agreement of its kind with the Penal Court for purpose of cooperation in achievement of community service related to the ones accused of criminal cases .

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    Criminal Law

    Family Law

    Civil Law


    We put the element of speed and precision on top of pyramid of our priorities in cases in which we handle the arbitration .Furthermore, in the cases in which we handle the pleading before the arbitration committees , we are continuously observing the interest of our clients in adapting the rules of arbitration as compatible with reality and documents which our client presents to us so as to be able to minimize the legal risks and the effects that may result from it.


    Pleading before various arbitration committees

    Commercial Arbitration

    Sports Arbitration

    Representation of third parties in arbitration committees

    Single Arbitration

    Shari'a Courts

    Criminal Courts

    Civil Courts

    Investment in Bahrain

    The Kingdom of Bahrain has the necessary constituents and big experience for understanding the needs of the investors whether from inside or outside the Kingdom because of the competitive prices it offers and the possibility of easy access to the Gulf Market and the other countries of the Middle East Region in addition to the existence of an advanced infrastructure and modernized business legislations. The investment represents one of the most important keys that aims to improve the competitivity of the national economics and creation of specialized work opportunities for the Bahrainis in addition to furtherance of the levels of living. Among the main privileges which Bahrain offers to the investors :

    - The freedom of re-stabilization and transfer of profits and capitals.

    - The freedom of import or export of by local and foreign currencies.

    - Non imposition of taxes on income or capitalistic profits or sales or real estates or allotted profits of companies or franchise rights fees.

    In addition to that it hosts the Commercial Arbitration Center of GCC States that settles the commercial disputes for the citizens of the GCC States and Commercial & Civil Disputes Settlement Room .

    Our Office was able to render the legal aid and support for the biggest national and international companies whereas we clarified to them the privileges of the investment in Bahrain and how to avoid the risks. We have established branches for the biggest companies working in Bahrain in addition to the foreign companies . Moreover, we are the preceding one who prepared and issued the first legal encyclopedia specialized in regulations and laws of the trade and investment in Gulf Cooperation Council States for purpose of facilitation for the foreign investor by clarifying the steps and procedures of each State in addition to mentioning the privileges of investment in it and also clarifying the regulations of trade and investment in a manner that eliminates the fears of the foreign investor . So we have pleasure to render the following services to you :

    Presentation of opinion in relation to selection of legal entities.

    Establishing and registering of commercial companies.

    Establishing of foreign companies and preparation of their contracts.

    Re-organization of companies, amalgamation and acquisition .

    Preparation and drafting of legal documents related to business activities.

    Drafting of decisions of boards of directors and representation in them.

    Drafting, reviewing and checking of contracts and MOUs.

    Clarification and evaluation of investment opportunities in various economic sectors.

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