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Bandar Bin Shamal Legal Consultations Office is established in (2001). and since its inception, it has been practicing high professionalism in all parties involved in legal processes by providing a distinguished service that resulted in many clients who made our office the first for all their legal cases and services. Its main work is to render the legal assistance in all fields of the Law to each of the Governments, Companies, Establishments and Individuals based on its deeply rooted legal experience and as per requirements of our clients with high quality standards. We are fully aware that our success in our duties depend , to big extent, on goodness of our relations with our clients and the capability of communication and coordination with them. Therefore, our work team always confirms the importance of listening to and hearing our clients and reacting with them so that they shall be assured that the duty entrusted to us is processed by proper manner and at standard time. We have adopted the international quality system as basic principle in rendering our legal services in a way that achieves the satisfaction of the client.

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The Vision

  • Our vision is to create an integrated institutional administrative model that believes in self and values and also to adhere with implementation of top professional standards in addition to compliance with ethics of profession of advocacy .
  • The Message

  • We represent the spirit of law & looking
    at the texts to find the
    best for our client to protect his interests
    and provide legal means
    to achieve his goals.
  • Objectives of Our Office

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  • Rendering of legal support by professionalism and transparency for all of our client.
  • Provision of legal protection to the clients.
  • Assisting the clients in selection of the suitable legal instrumentality for solution of disputes.
  • Rendering the best legal services to our clients by balancing the legal risks, interest of the client and cost of the legal services .
  • Support and development of the legal environment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Gulf Territory.
  • Lawyer’s Mission

    Dear Client We have pleasure to present to you a brief manual for the services that we render in the world of advocacy and legal consultations . As this profession in correlated with all aspects of life , whether social, commercial or investment , it was our duty to endeavor and exert great efforts for getting the specialization after achieving the occupational professionalism and practical quality and so we supported our knowledge by our experiences and specialization in multiple fields in which we recognized our role in it as an advocates and legal consultants based on reality imposed by qualitative and quantitative growth in commercial fields of various disciplines and we deliberately specialized in commercial, medical and sports field as a trend for our office putting into our consideration the development in the judicial system in the Kingdom which ought to be compatible with development in rendering of the legal services. Therefore, we exerted out diligent efforts for implementation of the international quality standards which, by grace of Allah, is crowned by our obtaining the ISO Certificate (ISO:9001:2008).

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    Sports Specialization

    Our Services

    Sports Specialization

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